This month’s interview in the NextGen series is with Anna Kong FCG HKFCG, Solicitor, Anthony Siu & Co.

What is your current role and what was your career path to this role?

‘I am currently a solicitor, but my career began handling tender documents that required board approval, which was my initial exposure to board resolution work. Back then, encouraged by my employer, I pursued a master’s degree in corporate governance accredited by the Institute. I then joined a listed company as an assistant company secretary, where I gained invaluable experience in listing, delisting and pre-listing processes, which gave me extensive training in a short period, significantly enhancing my expertise for my subsequent role as a named company secretary in another listed company. During that time, I obtained a law degree because I was dealing with trademark-related lawsuits. This additional legal knowledge paved the way for me to become a qualified solicitor.’

What are your thoughts on the terms ‘company secretary’ and ‘governance’?

‘There can still be a common misconception that a company secretary is the CEO’s personal secretary. However, I was aware that the term does not mean being a senior executive’s personal assistant, but that the role involves the entire company throughout its existence, from incorporation to dissolution, and that there is far more to this profession, covering key elements of corporate governance, including transparency and effective communication. Since the shareholders may not have direct insight into the company’s daily operations, what they rely on is the information disclosed by the company. The art of governance lies in determining what, when and how much to disclose, ensuring that the right information reaches the stakeholders in a responsible manner.’

What qualities do you think are needed to be a successful governance professional?

‘In addition to management and those who handle finance and business operations, a company needs a gatekeeping department to ensure its continued healthy growth and that is the role of a corporate governance professional. Fundamentally, a successful governance professional needs to be attentive to detail. Because the shareholders rely on a company’s published documents for their decisions, you have to make sure they are correct before release. In addition, strong communication skills are vital. The ability to decode complex rules and explain them effectively to the board enables informed decision-making while confirming compliance. Ultimately, this promotes the company’s long-term growth and success.’

What was your chosen route to complete the Institute’s qualifying programme and what advice would you give to people who are considering qualifying as a Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional?

‘I chose to take a master’s degree because I am better suited to studying in an environment with class discussions and assignments. I would encourage students not to rush to position themselves and not to be afraid to try new things, but to challenge themselves while they still have plenty of energy. When I was a child I wanted to be an inventor, but I ended up becoming a lawyer. Similarly, the journey towards becoming a Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional involves diverse experiences for personal growth. Trust that the path will lead you to where you’re meant to be.’

As a member of the younger generation, how do you think governance will evolve in the future?

‘There is a lot of room for the future development of the profession. The world is now placing greater emphasis on personal data privacy, AML and ESG, and these will become increasingly important aspects of governance. Plus, with the rapid development of technology, the authenticity of the information collected from various sources will need to be fact-checked and due diligence will need to be performed, which is another path for the governance professional.’

a company needs a gatekeeping department to ensure its continued healthy growth and that is the role of a corporate governance professional


Solicitor, Anthony Siu & Co

今期新一代治理系列采访了江领恩女士 FCG HKFCG,萧一峰律师行律师。


‘我现在是律师,在这之前,我在一家上市公司担任公司秘书。刚开始工作时,我负责处理需要董事会批准的招标文件。这是我第一次接触董事会决议。在当时的上司鼓励 下,我修读了获公会认可的公司治理硕士课程。其后我在一家上市公司担任助理公司秘书,短时间内获得公司上市前后和退市工作的丰富经验,强化了我随后在另一家上市公司担任公司秘书的专业知识。期间,因为工作要处理商标相关的官司,就修读了法律,然后成为了律师。’












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